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Viking Racing signs Sponsorship agreement with RLC Racing

It was announced today that RLC Racing will be providing data acquisition systems for Viking Racing for the rest of 2010 as well as the full season of 2011. The sponsorship also constitutes cooperation on tailoring the RLC Racing products even more for karting use.

Data acquisition has been a key element in becoming fast and it is still a very important part of Viking Racing’s program to shave off the last few tenths as well as ensuring a perfect chassis and engine setup. We have worked with different systems but have never been happy with what was on the market.

The RLC Racing systems are truly state of the art data acquisition offering innovative features like predictive lap timing, true synchronized data and video, true GPS track maps and lap timing, fully customizable sensor setups as well as color touch LCD display just to mention a few key features.

Andre Eriksen of Viking Racing states: “I have to say that right off the bat I was really impressed with the RLC Systems both in terms of flexibility and performance. Being a PC industry executive myself it is great to work with the RLC system, which is basically an embedded PC running a Windows OS” and continues:

“I was convinced that a feature like predictive lap timing would be a less useful feature in a go kart (compared to a car) but I was so wrong! Basically after every corner the system tells you how you did compared to your fastest lap so you will get real time feedback on every time you try a new line or another change. I am not a second in doubt that this system will help me become a better as well as a faster driver”

Jennifer Coomer of RLC Racing states: “We are happy to sign this deal with Viking Racing. Despite being a young team they have shown an impressive track record and performance and their commitment to use technology and data acquisition in their program fits right in to what we were looking for here at RLC. So far our primary focus has been on car racing, but we want to expand more in to karting and we are convinced that Viking Racing can help us being even more successful at that”

“I am happy that RLC Racing has decided to support us and I am proud to be able to add yet a technology leader to our already great portfolio of sponsors. With our own focus on technology as well as constant improvement I am convinced we can help RLC build an even stronger package for karters around the world” closes Eriksen.