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Race Report for Viking Racing, Formula Car Challenge - Race 11/12. October 27/28, 2012

October 27/28th was the date for race 11/12 in the Formula Car Challenge, presented by Goodyear. As I had not been in the car since August I had planned a couple of test days to get up to speed. Unfortunately on the first test day my engine blew up so I did not get any testing done prior to the race weekend.

For financial as well as practical reasons I did not have an opportunity to install a new engine prior to the race, so we installed an old spare motor that was ready for retirement many miles ago as it was down on power as well as smoking excessively... So I knew I would be handicapped going in to the weekend as well as I expected this engine also to blow up some time during the weekend.

Despite my struggles I qualified 2nd, a bit behind pole but with a big gap to the rest of the field. The race went on without drama and I was able to keep my 2nd place without too much trouble but also never had a real chance to fight for the win. The engine held up and with the 2nd place in the bag, I had now secured the overall 2nd place in the 2012 Championship.

As we were convinced the engine would not last the weekend out, we decided to celebrate the 2nd place finish as well as the 2nd place in the Championship while the spirits were still high. So after a good celebration Saturday night we were going in to Sunday's race day with somewhat lower expectations.

I did manage to qualify on 2nd again as well as secure the 2nd place in the race also. All in all a perfect weekend with no hick ups what so ever. Funny how some weekends, independent of surgical preparation, end up as nothing but trouble and then other weekends end up perfect despite going in with worn out equipment. 

I would like to thank my mechanic Brent for a flawless weekend, my engineer Rick for a great car and my drivers coach Steve for invaluable feedback (and correction of) my driving.

As usual I would also like to thank my sponsors for making this season possible. As I have no chance of winning the Championship at this point as well as I can no longer finish worse than 2nd, I decided not to do the last two races in the 2012 series but rather convert the savings in to a new engine.