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Andre S. Eriksen takes 3rd in the 2010 US Rotax Max Challenge National Points Masters Championship

The US Rotax Max Challenge National Points Masters Championship is based upon race results across the USA scored in all regional races counting more than 150 participants. The National Points are calculated on a calendar year time frame with the 6 best races of all races run during the calendar year counting towards the final standings.Read More

A racer can count a maximum of 6 races for National Points. Each race result will be reported to the Rotax National Office. As I won 8/8 races I scored maximum points but still not enough to win the overall championship. The reason for this is that the point scoring system takes number of racers in each race in to account to apply some fairness and equality in to the system. Else wise in a very weak region with only a couple drivers, a person could theoretically win the championship driving around in slow motion.

It is a kind of an artificial championship to win over racers that I never raced that potentially might be faster if I met them on track. On the other hand it is nice to know that I am within the top 3 performing Rotax Masters drivers in the entire US, at least measured in an apple to apple comparison.


I will soon announce my very exciting plans for 2011 that expands well beyond karting. In the meantime I would like to wish Happy Holidays and successful New year to all of you.