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2012 end of year summary

2012 has been a challenging year as the season started out with a myriad of engine problems and despite a lot of money was thrown after rebuilding the engine the problems kept haunting us throughout the season, and especially at the Indy GP it was very obvious the engine was down on power and it culminated with the engine blowing up just before the last two races.Read More

Furthermore I had a really bad crash in Portland - luckily I walked away unharmed but the car had a lot of damage and despite fixing most in Portland some of these damages were carried over to later races causing different problems and downtime. As such I missed several test days and sessions in race weekends as well from the beginning of the season and throughout the year.

Given all these challenges I can only be satisfied with the overall 2nd place in the Championship as well as a 3rd place in the National Championships. A new engine is on order and hopefully we will get a bit more luck on the mechanical side in 2013 making us able to fight for the Championship.

Also on the karting side of things I have been facing engine challenges in 2012 and I have not seen the reliability and durability of the engine package as it is supposed to have so also here I am happy with claiming 3rd in the championship in my first year in the highly competitive 6 speed shifter class.

Valdemar had a great season in his first year of racing. He started out carefully and was by no means the fastest. A lot of testing and coaching throughout the year really did wonders and he had a very strong finish to the season where he qualified on pole, won both pre heats as well as the main finale in the last race of the season, which just gave him points enough to claim the 2012 Redline Oil Rotax Micro Max Championship. 

For 2013 Valdemar will move up to the fast Rotax Mini Max class and at the same time Sofie Amalie will make her debut in to kart racing as she will be competing in the Redline Oil Rotax Micro Max class.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our team and sponsors for their support in 2012 and we hope to see you back on the team for 2013. We would also like to wish our sponsors, team, partners and supporters a Happy New Year with even more great victories on and off the race track!