Welcome to Viking Racing LLC

Viking Racing, LLC was founded in 2008. With the founders' Scandinavian roots and heritage back to the Vikings, the name was given. Viking Racing is a team that operates out of Silicon Valley, CA and is competing in both karting and formula car racing. Common for both race series is that they are spec series, which is an exciting and very competitive form of racing where the Karts/Cars are almost identical and driver skills prevail. The foundation of the team is to provide a cost-efficient, yet valuable, package for our sponsors, a fun experience for our guests and sustainable good results on the race track.

The team is very much about technology. Racing is about leading edge technology. The team operates out of Silicon Valley - the heart of technology, the drivers are tech-industry executives and the team sponsors are typically leading technology companies as well.

  • 2009 was our first season and was a learning year where we participated in the Norcal Rotax Masters class. The goal was to get consistent finishes and a championship finish within top 8. We exceeded this goal by far by finishing 4th overall in the championship, 4 podium finishes in 9 races with one win, one second and two third places.
  • In 2010 we expanded the local Norcal Rotax racing propecia online to also participate in the Gatorz Challenge Of The Americas and finally participate in the US National Rotax Championship in Newcastle, Indiana. 2010 was very successful winning the NorCal Rotax Masters Championship, 2010 Driver Of The Year Award, 3rd place in the United States National Rotax Masters Points Championship and multiple podiums in other classes/series.
  • In 2011 we expanded to not only race the 2-speed shifter Rotax DD2 125ccm to also race Pro Formula Mazda race cars. 2011 was a strong year with Rotax DD2 Masters US National Points Championship, NorCal DD2 Masters Vice Champion, 4th place in the 2011 US Grand Nationals in Utah and an overall 5th place in the Formula Car Challenge Championship in our rookie season.
  • Despite fighting engine challenges all year 2012, it still turned out our strongest year since we started claiming the vice championship in the Formula Car Challenge, presented by Goodyear, 3rd place in the Formula Car Challenge National Championship and 3rd place in the Molecule Stock Honda Masters 125cc shifter karting Championship. Perhaps the biggest achievement of the season was our Redline Oil Rotax Micro Max Championship, where Valdemar only got better throughout his first season of racing with a very strong finish of the clomid online year.

Pro Formula Mazda

The Formula Car Challenge presented by Goodyear is a regionalized open wheel racing series with an annual national championship. There are multiple regions across the country, and each region has unique features and events.


Once a year the regions meet for the NASA National Championships. The championship features a multi-class format -Formula Mazda (FM), Pro Formula Mazda (PFM), and the FormulaSPEED2.0 (FS2.0). All classes are powered by Mazda, and equipped with Goodyear Racing buy priligy online tires.


Each region is supported by a Region Promoter who is well versed in racing, and who can provide assistance to teams and independant drivers. The Formula Car Challenge is also supported by Goodyear Racing, and Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development.



2012 end of year summary

2012 has been a challenging year as the season started out with a myriad of engine problems and despite a lot of money was thrown after rebuilding the engine the problems buy clomid kept haunting us throughout the season, and especially at the Indy GP it was very obvious the engine was down on power and it culminated with the engine blowing up just before the last two races.

Race Report for Viking Racing, Formula Car levitra online Challenge - Race 11/12. October 27/28, 2012

October 27/28th was the date for race 11/12 in the Formula Car Challenge, presented by Goodyear. As I had not been in the car since August I had planned a couple of test days to get up to speed. Unfortunately on the first test day my engine blew up so I did not get any testing done prior to the race weekend.

Race Report for Viking Racing, Formula Car Challenge - Race 9/10. August 25/26, 2012

August 23-26th was the date for the annual Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma, where the Formula Car Challenge is a featured series. Also this year the annual Formula Car Challenge Nationals Championships were to be decided this weekend. All together this was by far our biggest race of the season with thousands and thousands of race fans.